Top Tourist Attractions in Africa

The continent of Africa is home to between 47- 53 nations, which means that there is a ton of excellent tourist attraction in Africa for everyone. If we consider why people like to vacation, you can see that there are quite a few themed based attractions that people will love. The following list of destinations was supplied by Destinations … [Read more...]

African Safari: Explore the Wilderness in Fun Ways

If you are looking for an adventure packed safari, there is no better place to experience that except in Africa. It offers breathtaking views of the horizon on its vast planes, and the wildlife is spectacular. You may have seen those animals on TV but just imagine getting up-close with them in safety. Africa offers life-changing experiences on its … [Read more...]

Adventure tours and safaris in east Africa

Introduction East Africa is region made of few countries. It has many leading destinations where a person can spend his leisure time well. The region has a favorable climate. The region experiences warm temperatures in most times. It is therefore a good destination which does not require heavy clothing. People around the region are friendly and … [Read more...]

World’s Most Surreal Landscapes

Earth is filled with beautiful features that many people are yet to discover. It is only a few lovers of adventure that have travelled to these destinations. Nevertheless, these locations are many in number with others yet to be found. Travelling to these places will provide one with an excellent experience of the wonders different places hold. … [Read more...]

Family Friendly Fun in Marrakech

In the northwest of Africa is the beautiful nation of Morocco. The city is part of old fortified areas surrounded by modern neighborhoods. Marrakech is a major economic center of Morocco, so there is always something to do whether it be shopping, exploring, relaxing, or having a night out in the city. There are hotels set up specifically for your … [Read more...]

5 Rarest Animal Species in the World

Humanity has played the greatest role towards the extinction of some species of animals. Though a few agencies have been working hard to secure some of these animals, it is almost impossible because the damage is too much. Most of these species have had a population¬†of less than 100 hence they are hard to sustain. For instance, the Pinta Island … [Read more...]

World’s Most Spectacular Canyons

A canyon is referred to as a gorge which is a deep valley between two or even pairs of escarpments or cliffs which are usually carved landscape as result of erosive activity by a river in estimated thousands of years ago. Canyons can also refer to the rift occurring between mountains peaks or ranges such as those of the Rocky Mountains, Himalayas … [Read more...]

Visit And Enjoy Traditional Food Of Top Restaurants In Cape Town

The wide range of delectable traditional food menus offered in various restaurants in Cape Town form some of the famed features wooing tourists to this scenic metropolitan south of Sahara. Cape Town is one of the finest destinations in Africa. In this city you will be treated to an unlimited range of traditional foods that cater to local organic … [Read more...]

Top 5 Adventurous Places in the World

Here are the world's top five adventurous places that you can have a visit with your family, spouse or have a romantic gate away. Kauai is a beautiful island located in Hawaii. This island has a spectacular landscape of flowers and sandy beaches that are perfect for an adventure. You can visit numerous places which include Waimea canyon. This … [Read more...]

What to Enjoy in the Okavango Delta Safari

The Okavango Delta Safari is a comprehensive tour in the largest inland delta in the world. The delta is home to a huge game population in Africa where the wildlife is not fenced in so they can move about freely and not be abused or restricted. A major attraction of the Okavango Delta is the Moremi Game Reserve and this was founded by the wife of … [Read more...]